Halloween season

Creepy eh?

It was time to dress up Marks front porch for Halloween. I wanted to incorporate the chair and have ‘something’ sitting in it but didn’t know what. Several visits to several stores, I came up empty! That’s why I should always start in my basement!!! The bag that was supposed to go to the thrift store before the summer, never got there and look what happens with my procrastination!!! 😃

Guess what else was in the thrift store pile? Old pillows. Perfect for a body and cut one in half for the legs. This guy came together with very little effort. It was all right there…and everyone tells me I have too much ‘stuff’…but look what happens to it. I need that stuff…for something!

For the head, I mounted a bamboo cane on a polystyrene skull head, put a mask over it and creepy guy was finished…oh. The arm. Could only find one. It was a dollar store find.

I have to admit. I had an assistant. It was my assistant, Cole, that suggested putting the mask over the skull on creepy guy. It was way more creepy with the mask rather than just the skull.

Because this is Coles house and a PA day and he wanted to help so badly…but he also wanted to watch Lion king in his Pyjamas…I gave him artistic licence to work on a few areas. He did a fantastic job and he was such good company…he kept popping in to watch Lion king every now and again and probably warm up a bit too. It was a chilly day to be working in your pyjamas but he was way too excited to go and get dressed. 😊

I don’t know what that little skeleton animal is. But I really like him!

Turns out it wasn’t scary enough for Cole. He wanted more monsters and spiders. We’ll work on it for next year. Let’s say they have a growing collection.

Happy Halloween!


Oh what a beautiful…

Wait! WHAT. NOOOO! Too early for snow!!! 😖

I still have way too much gardening to do for the snow to start flying. But it’s just a sprinkling!!

Watching the sun come up this morning. S’no problem!

Yeah. It’s early. But it’s still pretty!! Hopefully it’s gone before I have to go to my garden tidy job. Now. Where did I put my winter pants?

Proper gardening weather!

So the snow has gone. The ice has gone and within one week it has turned into the perfect gardening weather. The little nubs of spring flowers, carefully peeping out and hoping for the best, have sprung into full action.

Front island bed. Just awakening

I am so happy to be ‘working’ in this garden. It’s in the country…I keep wanting to say it’s quiet, but it really isn’t…but that’s not a bad thing. There are so many birds around. It’s a noisy peace and tranquility…if that makes any sense!!

Originally looking at the garden. I thought I could spend 3 days getting it ready for the season…baring in mind, when I’m weeding and added soil, my working days are about 4.5 hrs long, if I did more, I would be achey and sore, so I know my limits. I soon realized that I wasn’t going to get all the way round in 12-14 hours. And that’s okay. I need to know I’ve done things properly and not rushed through it to get to the next job.

The front garden bed needed amending, so I added some triple blend to give it a boost. Not sure if it was that that spurred everything on, but I added the soil one day and returned 4 days later and things had shot up that I never even saw 4 days earlier!!

The Bleeding Heart (front right in photo below) was tiny furry fronds just poking out of the earth and now all of a sudden it’s a ‘bush’!!!

There’s phlox dotted all over and I’m not sure if Janet wants it all or not. We’ll have a chat and see now that everything is well on its way.

Chinadoxia. Flowering happily.

Lenten Rose – Hellebores.

Can’t wait to see what has come up next time I visit…watch this space!!

Let’s play a game….

Guess what month it is…

Spring right? Must be April?

What about this…

Errrrmmmm. Either January or February I’m guessing?..

Well, if you reverse the images you would be right!!! The top one is February. The second one is April 16th!!!

My Sister and my niece came to visit in February. See some snow. Take part in winter outdoor activities. Do some snowboarding! Well sure. If you like snowboarding on ice. But if you haven’t been snowboarding for 6 years, you kinda need the best conditions to get your confidence back. Our visitors were here for 17 days and we didn’t get one snow flake in that whole time. It was sooo warm…16 degrees one day!

Fast forward to April 14, 15 and 16. Ice, snow, high winds, freezing temperatures!! It was just nutty!!! And I still can’t take the wintery stuff outta my pots!!! 🤯

Our Poor maples took a beating. Lost 4 big branches from various trees. Look at this one. So pretty budding out! Unfortunately, that branch is hanging on by a thread and will have to come down!!!

Good grief . What’s next? 🤔

Patiently waiting…

I suppose I tempted fate…I went to buy spring bulbs and pussy willow yesterday. The forecast said it’s going to be warm over the next few days. No night temp frost and I believed them!!! I’m so ready to plant up a few planters. But the forecast is changing – has changed…


It’s snowing again. Not much I know and it’s not sticking but it’s not warming up either!!! I still can’t get the winter stuff outta my pots!!! 🤪 it’s now showing snow into next week!!! Yikes!!!🤷🏻‍♀️

Spring gardening


Treasures under the winter debris.

I know! This isn’t a very glamorous picture. But it was a sunny, blue sky day and I can’t resist the garden when it’s like that…even if it is still chilly…and there’s snow in the forecast!

But look what I found. It’s like buried treasure for us gardeners. The first signs of life in the garden.

I like to tidy up where I can without disturbing the goings on under ground. I do this in the Spring rather than the fall, so the brave animals and birds have something to hide in or eat if they stick around in the winter.


Early Spring Pruning

I cut down all the Rudbeckia, Echinacea, and Liguria. But I have left the leaves on the  ground as I know there’s still freezing temperatures around for the next week at least. Just helps to protect the new shoots a little longer.


Cleaning up

The above photo shows after the perennials have been chopped down.

Even though the ground is still frozen, On nice sunny days it’s nice to get wrapped up and get outside after being cooped up for months. Take in the fresh air and do a few jobs around the garden.

Chopping down the perennials is a good start. You can also take off the hydrangea heads. Read up on your hydrangea type, as to how much to cut off. Some varieties only need the dried head taking off.

If you use protective plant coverings, such as burlap, you can remove that. Add a top dresser of compost once the ground is thawed and press back any perennials that have been heaved up by the frost.

Don’t get too carried away, just because it’s a nice day. You know how unpredictable Spring is in Ontario. But Even doing a few jobs on  a sunny day will get your garden ready for it to put on its display. In a few weeks. It will go from a mucky, damp mess to a colourful oasis that you can hopefully enjoy!


Lady in the Garden


Dandelions and daffodils 🌼!

A word of caution. If you are in southern Ontario like me. We are in the midst of a severe weather pattern bringing heavy gusts of wind. It’s not sure if it should rain or snow. We’re getting bits of both! But I’d say. Stay out of the garden today. Make a list or read your gardening book to get you in the mood for a less volatile day!!! 😳😊

Till next time. I’ll say, Hold onto your hat!!


Hold on to your hat!!