We’ll take 5 degrees!

Ruby with Icicles on her beard!!

Ruby with Icicles on her beard!!

Our Dog Ruby, loves being outside. Even when it was freezing, she still wanted to go on a long walk. None of this cutting things short just because it was -18. But for the last two days, we’ve had sunshine and it’s been above freezing…5 degrees today!! and she’s really enjoyed playing out. Digging in the remaining snow.

It as been a hive of activity outdoors these last two days. Here in Ontario, we are still trying to get rid of our winter decorations!! They have been buried under several feet of snow and ice for the last 3 months. I just noticed my neighbours Birch reindeer, still wrapped in their Red winter scarves, have made it off the front porch today.
My winter containers have had all the red removed from them, so they don’t stand out quiet so much. But they are still frozen in the pots so I can’t remove them yet.
This winter has been loooong, cold, snowy, icy…did I say long?


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