Making an Entrance

I’m all for making a good first impression…for myself and for my home. So with each new season, comes a “new do”. Not just for my hair, but also my side patio and more recently, for our newly constructed front porch. (More on that later).
I enjoy fussing with accessories and decorations to come up with a certain look. This Spring was no different. I had a little idea that I must have seen somewhere…Either a magazine or Pinterest. I wanted a pair of Wellington Boots. Wellie Bobs as we used to call them in England!!…Rubber boots as they are called in North America.

When I was growing up, from as soon as you could walk on your own, to about 11 or 12 years old, Wellie bobs were what we put on when we went to play out. We got up to all sorts of mischief, but that was ok so long as we kept our feet dry!!! You could pick up a pair from just about any shop up the high street, for a few pounds. When you reached 12, you wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of wellies. They were never a fashion item.

Then. Along came the Hunter Wellie. The upwardly mobile Wellie. I was about 22 when I joined in this fad. I thought I was the bees knees. The cost was astounding and my Mum thought I was a lunatic because I paid 17 pounds for mine! Fast forward to a few years ago…”How Much”???? The Wellie, is a very hot item. I went on the hunt for some Yellow Wellies. None to be found. They came in all sorts of other colours, but they are about $30 and I just can’t pay that when I want to use them as a prop for my Spring vignette.

In the end, I caved. Paid $10 for a child’s pair. Added a pot of daffodils and some moss and Wellie Bobs your uncle!!

Spring Entrance

Spring Entrance

Wellies and Flowers

Wellies and Flowers

They would look better in an adult size, but I still think they look cute, even though they are small.


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