Dripping in Lilac!

Dripping in Lilac!

Just hang on a minute!

So it’s been a while. Almost every day for the last month and a half, I would think to myself “I must update my blog” but there was always something more pressing at the time. Oh My goodness!..I posted nothing in May. How can that be? Well let me tell you…

We gardeners always hope and pray that the weather will be kind to us. Warming up gently, a bit of rain, nice bit of sun and definitely no frost. Frost is our enermy!! After the weather finally picked up, we were very lucky and had maybe 1 or 2 nights of frost, around the long weekend in May. (May 19) But nothing more.

Our Victoria Day holiday was very early and I was afraid that people would want their planters doing for that weekend. Thank Goodness. They were thinking smart! They wanted to wait.
I eased into my first season of Lou’s Blooms gently. I had a few customers for garden maintenance, raked, tidied, edged, trimmed. I was very lucky and worked in some nice places. Birds singing, Sky blue, weather warm, but not too hot. This was my first taste of working for myself and I felt very happy.

I had thought/hoped to do the Containers on Main Street Stouffville, but that wasn’t to be. They either do their own, had someone else lined up or just weren’t bothering this year.
Fortunately friends and family have kept me busy. Out spreading the word. Each job I did, I enjoyed and was very Thankful that I had gone this route. It wasn’t easy at first, so much uncertainty, fear of the unknown, wanting to make the right impression…particularly for new business, people who didn’t know me at all… I haven’t heard back from anyone with any concerns, so I’ll hope that no news is good news.

The container business is slowing down. I have 6 to do this week, 3 down 3 more to go. But my husband, Donald, nice as he is, shared his cold and sore throat with me, so I’m in bed trying to re cooperate. Our Shout Sister concert is tomorrow night. 7 p.m Stouffville United if you’re interested…I won’t be able to shout anything at this rate. But at least in slowed me down enough to update my blog. Check out the Summer Container section. See a few of the containers I have worked on so far this summer.

That’s all for now, but I just have to show you my Lilac blooms this year. Maybe the picture won’t do it justice, but they were blooming huge!!!

Lilac blooms

Lilac blooms


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