I’m not quite finished…

Ahhhh! Help!

Ahhhh! Help!

It’s not very unusual for me to be a bit behind with things…it’s quite normal actually. But I really wasn’t ready for that snow we got last week. I hadn’t quite finished fall! You can tell by the Pumpkins face…it wasn’t ready either!
I had all my jobs planned out, Robyn Thursday, Sharon Friday, Janet Saturday. Well that all went out the window. All the planters were frozen and I couldn’t get into them at all. What was I going to do??

I moved everyone to this week, which makes it all go, but I don’t mind, I got all my product, I collected smaller containers from clients houses and did them in my garage, I managed to get a few more orders, things just had to be moved around a little.

So I went prepared today. If the pots were still frozen, I would hammer, chistle, pound and poke at the ice. And thats exactly what I had to do. Luckily, I had 3 Birch poles already in the container. They were frozen solid, so I had to anchor and wire, just about all my product to the Birch poles, so they won’t blow away in the wind…of course, it’s the windy-est day of the whole year and I don’t know whether to pray for frost, so they will freeze in place, or not to pray for frost, because I have to do more tomorrow and it really takes up time trying to dig into the ice….keeps you warm though and you have to think about our neighbours…our catch phrase here in Ontario is; At least we’re not in buffalo”!!! (Poor things got 7 foot of snow dumped on them last week)!!! YIKES. What a welcome to winter!

Check out my winter containers on the…Winter Container page!! 😉


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