Princess Irene

Princess Irene

Princess Irene

A few years ago when I was buying Tulip bulbs in the fall. Someone, (?) told me a charming story about The Princess Irene Tulip bulb. Part of the story is fact, but the other part I cannot find any history on. Here is the story…
During World War 2, The Dutch Royal family moved to Canada to be safe from Nazi invasion of the Netherlands.
When the war was over. To say Thank you to Canada for protecting their Royal family, The Dutch sent over thousands…one report says 10,000, another says 20,000…tulip bulbs to be planted in the nations capital. Ottawa. The bulbs are still sent over to this day. Which makes the Ottawa tulip festival a worth while trip in the spring.
That is a true story. Here’s the part that may be an embellishment, but it sounds so true and I’ve been telling everyone this story for years thinking that it IS true…
One variety of bulbs they sent over was called Princess Irene after one of the Princesses that came to Canada during the war and the Burgundy “Flame” at the base of the tulip is actually the Canadian Maple Leaf!!! Is it just me or do you see that? It IS the Canadian Maple Leaf. (on all the descriptions of the bulb I have read, it calls it Burgundy Flame and NOT The Canadian Maple leaf)!!! Awwww well. True or not. It’s a nice story and my tulips look beautiful. I’m buying more in the fall.
If you know anything about the extended part to the story, please do tell!


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