All Tired out!

Rearranging pots

Rearranging pots

Looking Bedragled!

Looking Bedragled!

We were away for a few weeks in August. Not a good time to leave your plants to the elements…especially when the elements are 32 degrees and no rain for the whole 3 weeks!!!
But my Mum saved the day and watered, pruned and did a good job of looking after my babies…all of them. All my planters and our dog Ruby!

What’s the first thing you do when you get back from vacation? Unpack? laundry? grocery shop? NO! You look after your sad looking babies…that includes the dog who had terrible seasonal allegies and had bitten most of her hair off!!!
By the time we got back, my planters on the patio looked a bit tired and worse for wear. So out I went to do some tidying, sweeping, pruning and rearranging.
The planters were very overgrown and straggly, so just needed to be thined out a bit. Just to last me till the end of September???…maybe?…and now the plants have been sorted, I can do the unpacking, laundry and grocery shop!
n.b. I looked after Ruby too and managed to get her into the vet. She’s feeling much better now.


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