Christmas is coming…Ooopps! Been and gone

2015-01-08 023

Winter in Stouffville

Outdoor decorating went well for the most part in Winter 2015. No Snow or Freezing temperature delays. In fact it was quite balmy! I sent a message to my family that we may be eating Beans on Toast for Christmas dinner this year as the days leading up to December 25th, I was out in my garden, pruning Hydrangea’s and Raspberry canes!! I can’t stay indoors when the weather is nice outside…it makes my itch!

My biggest concern was if the planters didn’t freeze, the arrangements could get dislodged in high winds. Once they freeze, they usually freeze in place and stay for the winter.

2015-11-23 002


Well believe me. Winter is here for sure now. No chance to re-arrange. No more fluffing and tweaking. You get what you’ve got till Spring time!! This poor Goose doesn’t get to go to Florida…!!!

2015-12-01 009

Goose and Feathers

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