What’s in the garden today?


Bee and Echinacea

A warm and sunny day. Watching a busy bee on Echinacea. See his saddle bags filled with pollen?


Ruby in her hole!

Not too many days like this left this summer. Too hot for Ruby!


Bird of Paradise

The nights are getting so cool. I’m going to have to bring this monster in… but where on earth will it go…


Bananas and Begonias

and these babies?? In early summer we had a wicked hail storm and I lost most of the leaves on these Bananas. They were ripped to shreds and pitted where they had been hit with the hail!! I didn’t expect them to replenish themselves into such enormous plants. I bought the plants as an experiment, see how they would hold up. Lesson learned. I would only plant these in a sheltered spot, not out in the open.



2 thoughts on “What’s in the garden today?

  1. I overwintered the Bird of Paradise last year. It did very well. But there’s no way I can have a 7 foot bird of paradise. 2 6 foot Bananas 2 massive Palms and a 6 foot mandevilla in the house!!! What to do???🤔…answers on a post card please!!! I bet no one under the age of…50?…will have heard that saying.

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