Spring gardening


Treasures under the winter debris.

I know! This isn’t a very glamorous picture. But it was a sunny, blue sky day and I can’t resist the garden when it’s like that…even if it is still chilly…and there’s snow in the forecast!

But look what I found. It’s like buried treasure for us gardeners. The first signs of life in the garden.

I like to tidy up where I can without disturbing the goings on under ground. I do this in the Spring rather than the fall, so the brave animals and birds have something to hide in or eat if they stick around in the winter.


Early Spring Pruning

I cut down all the Rudbeckia, Echinacea, and Liguria. But I have left the leaves on the  ground as I know there’s still freezing temperatures around for the next week at least. Just helps to protect the new shoots a little longer.


Cleaning up

The above photo shows after the perennials have been chopped down.

Even though the ground is still frozen, On nice sunny days it’s nice to get wrapped up and get outside after being cooped up for months. Take in the fresh air and do a few jobs around the garden.

Chopping down the perennials is a good start. You can also take off the hydrangea heads. Read up on your hydrangea type, as to how much to cut off. Some varieties only need the dried head taking off.

If you use protective plant coverings, such as burlap, you can remove that. Add a top dresser of compost once the ground is thawed and press back any perennials that have been heaved up by the frost.

Don’t get too carried away, just because it’s a nice day. You know how unpredictable Spring is in Ontario. But Even doing a few jobs on  a sunny day will get your garden ready for it to put on its display. In a few weeks. It will go from a mucky, damp mess to a colourful oasis that you can hopefully enjoy!


Lady in the Garden


Dandelions and daffodils 🌼!

A word of caution. If you are in southern Ontario like me. We are in the midst of a severe weather pattern bringing heavy gusts of wind. It’s not sure if it should rain or snow. We’re getting bits of both! But I’d say. Stay out of the garden today. Make a list or read your gardening book to get you in the mood for a less volatile day!!! 😳😊

Till next time. I’ll say, Hold onto your hat!!


Hold on to your hat!!



4 thoughts on “Spring gardening

  1. I love this post.
    It makes me happy.
    Mainly because ….
    I love raking in the spring & finding new treasures.
    I have just moved to a new house so the garden is a mystery & I feel like a treasure hunter!
    I love daffodils , they remind me of England & I’m excited to see some coming up here 🌼
    I have no idea what I’m doing in the garden but I love it.
    & last but not least Ruby looks adorable as do you in your cute hat 😍

    • Awwwwww! So nice. Thanks for your comments. Makes it all worth while😃. You will definitely see lots of changes in the garden now the weather has finally warmed up! Gardening, whether you know what you’re doing or not, is good for the soul! Have fun digging in the dirt! 😃

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