Welcome to Winter!!

We should not be shocked. It’s Ontario Canada and we can expect any kind of weather at any time. BUT! That does not mean we have to like it…and right now…I do not like it.

It’s very early and I have orders for 39 winter planters to fill. It’s November 24 and Wednesday and Thursday of this week was -18. The soil in the planters is frozen solid.

Lucky for me I have the best customers ever!!! They are all on my side. Where possible, They have taken their planters into their homes and garages to defrost them…if the garage isn’t heated. The planters are as solid as they would be if they were outside!!! I have had to go to Plan B and in some cases, it will be plan C.

I can manage to make up a couple of smaller planters in the garage…try not to look at the mess…focus on the lush greens and beautiful magnolia!!

I have been able to get a few done. The list is getting shorter. 14 more that I have to do…and then my own. Of course. There is nothing Christmassy about our house yet. Dare I even say I have a couple of sun loungers still on the back patio!!! 🤦‍♀️ I will put them away before real winter arrives!!!

All packed up for Janet’s. Thank goodness we got this done before the big freeze.

Stay warm!