imageHi. I’m Linda and here I am with my Fur baby Ruby. A 6 year old Airedale Terrier…you might find her on one or two of my posts!!! Behind us is this years patio creation! Which is still in good shape for this time of year…mid September.

My business is Lou’s Blooms. Custom Container Design for home and office…or wherever you might need a shot of colour and creation using plants and props. I also do small gardening work. Weeding, trimming, planting and tidying. Just things that I can manage myself. I’m based in Stouffville Ontario…Canada.

We, my husband, Ruby and I live in a century home and believe me…it’s a fixer upper!!! Always something to do but we have to do 15 jobs before we actually embark on the job we wanted to do in the first place! If you live in an old house, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Due to all the home reno’s. Little has been done outside to say how much I love gardening…it’s kind of on the embarrasing scale.  I can waste spend a whole morning on Pinterest eyeing all the garden candy!! But little gets done at our house!!!

I’m from England…that must be where I get the gardening and plant passion from. Plus my Mum, my sisters, my Gran and my aunts and uncles are all gardening enthusiasts. Now at the age of 75 my Dad has got the bug and has started to make his own containers and created a small garden outside his livingroom window. I love going “home” in the summer to see how differently things grow there.

Here on my blog you will find…. Mostly photos of flowering containers. But also tips on how to “build” a successful container. Watering and fertilizing tips. Gardening posts and My seasonal creations…I love food too, so there might be a shot or two of my dinner if I’m especially pleased with it!! But it’s mostly plants.
That is where my passion lies. Everything garden-y. I Love playing in the dirt, weeding, dead heading and I think nothing of digging something out of the ground and moving it around to another spot, if that spot needs some colour or a bit of “je ne sais quoi”.
But even more than gardening, I love creating a custom container. I have 10 years experience in creating and designing Custom Containers for residencies and businesses. They make such a great first impression at the entrance way to any building.
One cold, snowy winter day in 2002. I went into my local garden centre to cheer me from the winter blahs. I went in for a packet of Ranunculus bulbs. When I went in, I was an employee of a big city bank. Commuting into Toronto. While in the store, I was talked into the Ranuculas bulbs, some spectacular looking Phlox seeds and a new job!!! How was I going to explain that to…everyone!!

I knew I’d “arrived” when I started making Custom Containers for the Garden centre and eventually become Corporate Designer.
That chapter is closed and my new chapter begins…The Chapter headed, “Lou’s Blooms”.

As well as flowery and garden-y things. I love house-y things and I love to sing. I’m in a local choir, called Shout Sister, here in Stouffville. But there are many Shout Sister choirs around southern Ontario. Shoutsisterchoir.ca

If you need me to bring colour to your Containers, whatever the season. Or a small gardening project to do.  Please email me at lousblooms4you@gmail.com


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    • Glad you like it Maggie! Yes. Please watch out for the spring happenings. I never know when it’s truly going to start…we just have to wait for the weather…and judging by today. It’s no time soon. 😉

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