Happy New Year!!!


Bird on bench

Wow! Is it really over??? That went fast! Let’s hope for all good things in this new year.

I managed to snap a few photos outside in between snow storms! I know you don’t all have snow. We went to a party just before Christmas in Mississauga. I was dressed up like I was going to outer Siberia. Down coat, Sorel snow boots, hat, scarf, gloves..you know. The regular Canadian Winter uniform. When we arrived at our destination…about an hour from where we live. There was not even a trace of snow!! It was even a few degrees warmer than Stouffville. I didn’t need the whole winter uniform!!

So enjoy these photos and for more inspiration, don’t forget to check out the seasonal galleries at the top of the page. If you like winter, take in the beauty of this season. If you don’t. Skip right past and go to Spring or summer and dream of the warmth to come. It’s only a couple of months away!! 🙂


Front Porch


Oh Deer!


Side door


Side porch


Garden Shed

Enjoy Winter 😉










I’m almost done!!!


Living room fireplace

I know it’s December 28th and I know I hosted Christmas dinner. But there’s still something missing from my  decor’ and I can’t say I’m done until I have my Christmas Pot Pourri spread around in various rooms.

Maybe I’ll get round to that today… I rooted in too many boxes searching for it before Christmas…the Wednesday before Christmas actually…I was busy up to that point and just wasn’t in the mood to do it any earlier.

My mantel is much “less” than usual…because I was running late. We got new windows last year. I managed to save a few for projects…even though Donald was adamant they should all be sent to the junk pile.

I chalk painted it, did my little design and put lights behind it. It’s secured with masonary screws and picture wire as it sits precariously close to the edge of the mantel.


Table centre piece

I’m pleased with how my table centre piece turned out. I went to my friend Jaime’s florist in Stouffville. Centre Piece Flowers.  I bought 3  x 4″ Poinsettias, some hypericum berries and a couple of  beautiful Hydrandeas and used some left over greens I had.

It looked lovely on Christmas Day but one hydrangea was totally croaked by Boxing Day…if you look closely you can see an empty spot where I’ve taken it out of the arrangement. 😦 …but not too closely that you can see empty spots in the oasis!!!


Lopsided tree!!

Not sure what’s going on with the tree this year. I took the photo from all angles so you couldn’t see just how lopsided the tree looks when you look straight on!! I’ve decided that it’s the picks at the top that make it look that way.

It was supposed to be just Silver and Gold, but Donald all of a sudden had an opinion on the tree and said it needed Red to make it pop!! (Really)

This evening I’m hoping to go out and take photos of the outside. We’ve had lots of snow and then thaw and then freezing rain. It’s quite treacherous out there and seeing as I only finished outside the day before Christmas Eve, I haven’t got round to taking photos yet!!! There’s a saying about the cobblers Children walking about in shoes that need mending…same kind of thing here. I have to make sure everyone is decorated before me.

Even though I’m late, my Christmas wishes are still as sincere as they would have been if you were reading before Christmas. I wish you and your family, Peace, health and happiness. I hope you have had a great Christmas season.

Love Linda xx



I finally Finished Mine!

2015-01-08 004

Owl on Grape Vine Balls

Owl on Grape Vine Balls

I’m not sure when I decided I’d finished decorating for Christmas…I think it was December 30th! And I only really finished because I thought what was I carrying on for.
My Mum said, “Everytime I come here, there’s something different” and it’s true. I just kept going. But I carry on decorating because I like to practise doing different things. I don’t ever decorate the same way twice and because I decorate as a profession, I’m always on the bottom of the list.
The container above was sitting empty and it was driving me nutty. We were having a mild spell weather wise and I had enough thawed out soil, so the day before New Years, thats what I came up with!!
I’ll post some of the interior decorations in the next few days. But to get ideas for next winter, (!) check out the Winter Container Page.
A belated Happy New Year to you and Thanks for stopping by.

Creative Winter

Window Scapes

Window Scapes

Red Lanterns

Red Lanterns

This was a fun project…I suppose at first, I might not of thought Fun, I probably thought it more of a challenge. But once my thinking cap was on. The possibilities were endless. Maybe not endless. But I did have a good idea.
A wind storm had brought a huge branch down at this house. It was a shame for the tree, but not for me. It came in very handy. I was able to beef up the arrangements on the window wells.