Today in the garden


Sunshine in the trees

I’m not sure if there was a record set in Ontario today. It was supposed to get up to 27 degrees Celsius and it’s October 18th!!

I still have colour in the garden so I just snapped a few pics so we can see how glorious this weather is.


Look what the birds planted!! A beautiful sunflower.


Jackmanii clematis


Ruby under the Maple and a ghostly shadow…carrying an iPad!!


Side entrance


Mums, Lamium, Osteospernum and the red leaves of Evening Primrose, colour the garden


Front porch and fall trees


Hydrangeas and cat mint


Ooopps! I think I need a new umbrella 🌂!!!

It was quite gusty in the afternoon. My garden umbrella couldn’t stand it any longer and just disintegrated into a heap!!! Well. I suppose at least it waited till the end of the season!



Over wintering tropicals


Side entrance summer planter.

I decided to try and over winter my Birds of Paradise that I had planted in my side entrance planters. I needed to get them indoors before the frosty weather arrived.

I knew it would be a challenge with the root system but I had to try.



Time to repot the Bird of Paradise.

The red tubers are from the Sweet Potato Vine that shared the planter with the Bird of Paradise.

It’s a good idea to spray the plants with Insecticidal soap before bringing into the home. It will hopefully get rid of any creepy bugs or insects that might be living in the plant!!! 🐛🐜.

Gently pull apart the soil and the roots. The idea is to get rid of as much old soil as possible. The roots will feel as though they have just broken out of a pair of very tight shoes!!


Ready to repot

Prepare a clean pot with a little potting  mix in the bottom. Place the plant as centrally as possible in the pot and fill with more Potting mix.

Place the planter into a saucer, move the plant into its new home and water it well.



Repotted and in it’s new home.


Most tropicals need plenty of light. Monitor how well it’s doing over the first few weeks. The leaves may begin to turn Yellow, but things should sort themselves out eventually.

If you don’t have room to use them as house plants you can store them in the basement and let them go dormant. Just water once a month over the winter. The tricky part is giving them enough light in the early spring to prepare them for summer. But it’s worth a try!

Happy potting!!! 😃







The Town Planters


Ruby at Stouffville Leisure centre


I have to say whoever did the containers for the town of Whitchurch Stouffville got it amazingly right this year! They are stunning and a real asset to the town.

I see the people that look after them. They are watering at all times of the day and night. I was coming home from an event in the city one night. It must have been midnight-ish. I can’t remember if it was the night before the Strawberry festival…Canada Day weekend. There was the town truck and the crew watering the containers, window boxes and hanging baskets down Main Street.



Town of Whitchurch Stouffville

One thing I have noticed this year is that the tall leafy plants have done outstandingly well this year.  It’s been Hot, humid and dry…no rain. Which has meant very little wind which usually damages the leaves.

To have the containers looking like this at this time of year…September 19th…goes to show how much hard work and care has gone in to looking after these stunners!!!


Mum and Ruby sit by Latcham gallery



The drama of Sandra’s Window box!

photo (24)

Sandra’s Window Box

It was early Spring when I got a call from Sandra asking if I would make her an arrangement in her beautiful decorative window box.

The summer plants were all ready but it was still a little early. I decided I would make a start and try and be ahead of the game. I worked in my garage and managed to get 6 hanging baskets, 2 urn inserts and Sandra’s window box completed. This was good. I could hold onto them for a while, give them chance to fill in and wait for the chance of frost to be behind us. I was pleased with myself!…

Then it happened!…it snowed!!! May 14th.  Now I couldn’t even put the plants outside to hardened off. That kind of cold was just too much. I tended to my charges for a week or two. Protected them from the elements… All the different ones that we face at that time of year. This is where that saying comes in. It can be 4 different seasons in one day in Ontario!!

Most of the plants seemed to have survived the chilly temps…except for Sandra’s. I had used tropicals. Beautiful caladiums, escargot begonia’s, Rex begonia’s and a fantastical colour of Sun  Patiens. By the end of the first week most of the plants were drooped in a very sad and pathetic looking way. I had to switch the plants. Still determined that Sandra would get this amazing tropical showcase to look at over the summer. I replanted.   The caladiums drooped again. Sandra was patient. I replanted. The caladiums and the sun patiens drooped again. I did a complete redo. Changed the soil and all the plants. No caladiums. No Sun Patiens. Begonia’s, begonias, lobelia and begonia’s!!!

It took awhile. But finally the combination of stronger plants and warm stable weather, won the day.




Sandra’s window box. September







The summer of no Rain


imageI can’t remember the last time we had a good down pour. I mean one that soaked this poor, dry, crispy, earth. It’s been months really. The grass is so parched it’s not even growing…so looking at the bright side. We don’t have to cut it.

I feel sorry for the farmers. Wonder how the crops are doing??? We haven’t had a summer like this since 2006 with temperatures consistently over 30 degrees Celsius (86F) and no rain.

Thank goodness we have a well…although now it’s pretty much dried up. My rain barrel too is almost empty!!! I’ve never known anything like it.

While I had the luxury of free recycled water from my well and rain barrel, I was able to keep up with making sure all my planters were well watered. I usually water early in the morning before the sun gets up to full blast!! I do fertilize with a flowering plant food… High middle number to encourage blooms. But I make sure the planters are well watered beforehand and I never fertilize while the planters are in the blazing heat.




While it is very hot and dry and not good for everything. We have to make the most of it and be thankful for what we have here in Ontario.


I know I’ve  been behind with my blog this year. No excuses…except for one. It’s called “computers” and my lack of knowledge in using them!!! Hopefully. I’ve finally got things sorted so should be able to keep you updated.

Remember. Enjoy the weather…think of the alternative!! 😳

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Christmas is coming…Ooopps! Been and gone

2015-01-08 023

Winter in Stouffville

Outdoor decorating went well for the most part in Winter 2015. No Snow or Freezing temperature delays. In fact it was quite balmy! I sent a message to my family that we may be eating Beans on Toast for Christmas dinner this year as the days leading up to December 25th, I was out in my garden, pruning Hydrangea’s and Raspberry canes!! I can’t stay indoors when the weather is nice outside…it makes my itch!

My biggest concern was if the planters didn’t freeze, the arrangements could get dislodged in high winds. Once they freeze, they usually freeze in place and stay for the winter.

2015-11-23 002


Well believe me. Winter is here for sure now. No chance to re-arrange. No more fluffing and tweaking. You get what you’ve got till Spring time!! This poor Goose doesn’t get to go to Florida…!!!

2015-12-01 009

Goose and Feathers

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