Fall and Halloween rolled into one!

October was such an amazing month weather wise. I think we got the best weather of the summer. Warmth and sunshine! Ahhhhh! Lovely.

It was a little difficult getting people to transition over to fall planters as the summer ones still looked great!


Mandevilla, roses, petunias!


Bird of paradise, begonias, coleus

But we must move on whether we want to or not!


Asters, kale and warty pumpkin!


Marks fall porch


Birch, feathery grass and mums

It’s an especially busy season for me  this year. Fall, Halloween and Christmas one right after the other. ( in the decorating world, that is).

Marks porch for Halloween


Stouffville Holiday Homes tour 2017

Its the Stouffville Holiday homes tour November 3rd and 4th. And our house is on it! So I have to be REALLY prepared this year!


Just emptied summer containers. October 29th


Ready for Stouffville holiday homes tour. November 3rd and 4th

I’ll post more pics from the house tour once I’ve got them sorted out….


What’s in the garden today?


Bee and Echinacea

A warm and sunny day. Watching a busy bee on Echinacea. See his saddle bags filled with pollen?


Ruby in her hole!

Not too many days like this left this summer. Too hot for Ruby!


Bird of Paradise

The nights are getting so cool. I’m going to have to bring this monster in… but where on earth will it go…


Bananas and Begonias

and these babies?? In early summer we had a wicked hail storm and I lost most of the leaves on these Bananas. They were ripped to shreds and pitted where they had been hit with the hail!! I didn’t expect them to replenish themselves into such enormous plants. I bought the plants as an experiment, see how they would hold up. Lesson learned. I would only plant these in a sheltered spot, not out in the open.


Spring did arrive…


Pink bicycle and blossoms at Amica

…and in true Ontario fashion, it came after a couple of inches of snow. It  just wanted to remind us whose the boss!


Of course it put me into a tail spin as now Spring seemed to have arrived the week before Easter and everyone wanted to get rid of Winter/ Christmas decorations and be all donned up for nicer weather.

I feel as though I have to explain.  Yes, here in Ontario Canada, we sometimes still have our winter decorations out in April, because sometimes the snow is still here and our pots and gardens are still frozen and we can’t get rid of our baubles and berries and any traces of Winter, until it’s all melted. Just so you’re in the picture. Anyway. Enough about winter…for now.


Easter basket

So as well as having to deal with a renovation project that was running over time, dust everywhere and I mean everywhere. I now had Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth and all things Spring to deal with and get the house ready for 13 hungry guests for Easter dinner. I do realize there’s much more pressing and worrying things to think about in the world than a pretty container. But the pretty containers make me feel better about the world and my point is, that when winter is here, I’m leisurely pottering about with all the time in the world and then  BAM! everything just happened in the same week!!

The bicycle? Oh that little beauty.  I have this little roundabout garden at Amica in Newmarket, it’s always a bit of a challenge what to plant in there. Janet, one of my clients, once said to me that bicycles remind her that Spring is here…that gave me an idea! Loved but Outgrown by its previous owner, this “sweet ride” as it stated on the Varagesale post, now has a spot in the Spring garden. The residents LOVE it. They always sound so excited when I get there. Waiting to see what I’m going to plant next and always ready to give me advice! 🙂


One sweet ride!


Dining room balcony-Amica

Easter came and went, I fed my hungry guests and I’m all caught up with Spring planters. Even did my own!!  So now it’s on to gardening. 😊

Springs first planter.



After Fridays surprise snow dump, I finally get round to my first customer Container. For KIK in Vaughan. Yeah it’s Sunday. But the Birds were singing, the Sky was Blue, the temperature was around 9 while I was creating this…warmed up to a very nice 16 degrees. A very nice way to spend a Sunday!


There’s a mixture of Real and faux here. Once the bulbs die down, there will be some colour left to get us past May and into the summer containers. ☀️

Now look what I did!


Putting Winter away!

It’s been soooo Springy round here for the last week. No freezing temperatures on the 14 day forecast.  We’re usually still covered in snow at this point!

But it’s been quite mild for March in Ontario and I decided that Spring really was here! I was out in the garden last week, clipping perennials and tidying the garden beds. Inside,  I started taking away all traces of Winter, corralled all deer, wintery looking trees, silvery baubles, snowflakes in windows and put them away for next winter.

I did a bit of digging about with the weather and Easter, plant availability and starting up Lou’s Blooms and decided I could send out an email to my clients saying if your soil is thawed out in your pots I can recreate a nice Spring planter and with Easter two weeks away, it was good timing. I always put a precursor in my notes that I hope I’m not jinxing things!…And now look what’s happened…


Snowy morning!

IT’S BACK!!!!! And it’s all my fault! Sorry 😐!

The thing with Ontario Springs is you never know what you are going to get. This snow won’t last. Spring Will come back…then Winter will come back, then spring…then..

2015-04-16 006

Pussy Willow, daffs and Lime Green Ivy


Organizing tip!


A cold and stormy day.

T’was a dark n stormy night…well it was around lunch time actually. But it was dark and it was stormy and could well have been night! We are being battered by high winds and freezing rain here in southern Ontario. A great day to stay indoors and do some organizing.

So that I don’t feel as though I’m pulling the wool over your eyes. I’d better tell you that I did my organizing last week. Took photos while I was doing it and never got round to posting my tip. So it still works because this is a good day to stay in and post about organizing!

Because I decorate and create custom containers for other people, it doesn’t mean I love doing it for our house. We keep our Christmas decorations in the loft of the barn. Huge boxes filled with every possible sparkly item that would be considered Christmassy.  I have to lug these monsters down the stairs, across the drive, up and down more stairs and into the dining room. By the time I’ve done that, I can’t really be bothered to start rooting through the boxes. So I leave it for another day!


The old way! Arrrgghhh!

It’s quite sick how many boxes like the ones above I have. These. The 3 above, are just for the tree. There are probably 8 more in the barn to decorate mantles, the piano room, the entrance way…oh those decorations get all over!!!

There had to be another way. So I searched on my obsession….Pinterest. “How to organize and store Christmas Decorations” The first one looked interesting enough to catch my eye. It was by Yvonne at Stone Gable (stonegableblog). So I followed her advice and got me some clear plastic totes…a more manageable size this time. Not the biggest I could find.


Tree take down made easy! 🙂

I did use one longer sized tote as the picks I used throughout the tree were long in length. I didn’t fill the box all the way to the top this time. Also following Yvonne’s tip. I got rid of “bits” that never came out of the boxes. I was just keeping them because…?

All Gold in one box all Silver in another. Like with like! Not only does it make it easier to see what you have in each box. I was able to carry them back up and down the stairs, across the drive and up the stairs of the barn,  with ease. It’s a much better system.


Tree ornament boxes. Silver and Gold

Maybe next year, it won’t be so bad. Maybe, because I’ll be sooo organized, I’ll be able to bring the totes into the house and decorate the same day…I’ll  let you know!

If you’d like to see more on Yvonne’s tips. Which are much more detailed than mine. Go to stonegableblog.com

Happy Organizing!