Proper gardening weather!

So the snow has gone. The ice has gone and within one week it has turned into the perfect gardening weather. The little nubs of spring flowers, carefully peeping out and hoping for the best, have sprung into full action.

Front island bed. Just awakening

I am so happy to be ‘working’ in this garden. It’s in the country…I keep wanting to say it’s quiet, but it really isn’t…but that’s not a bad thing. There are so many birds around. It’s a noisy peace and tranquility…if that makes any sense!!

Originally looking at the garden. I thought I could spend 3 days getting it ready for the season…baring in mind, when I’m weeding and added soil, my working days are about 4.5 hrs long, if I did more, I would be achey and sore, so I know my limits. I soon realized that I wasn’t going to get all the way round in 12-14 hours. And that’s okay. I need to know I’ve done things properly and not rushed through it to get to the next job.

The front garden bed needed amending, so I added some triple blend to give it a boost. Not sure if it was that that spurred everything on, but I added the soil one day and returned 4 days later and things had shot up that I never even saw 4 days earlier!!

The Bleeding Heart (front right in photo below) was tiny furry fronds just poking out of the earth and now all of a sudden it’s a ‘bush’!!!

There’s phlox dotted all over and I’m not sure if Janet wants it all or not. We’ll have a chat and see now that everything is well on its way.

Chinadoxia. Flowering happily.

Lenten Rose – Hellebores.

Can’t wait to see what has come up next time I visit…watch this space!!


Springs first planter.



After Fridays surprise snow dump, I finally get round to my first customer Container. For KIK in Vaughan. Yeah it’s Sunday. But the Birds were singing, the Sky was Blue, the temperature was around 9 while I was creating this…warmed up to a very nice 16 degrees. A very nice way to spend a Sunday!


There’s a mixture of Real and faux here. Once the bulbs die down, there will be some colour left to get us past May and into the summer containers. ☀️

Princess Irene

Princess Irene

Princess Irene

A few years ago when I was buying Tulip bulbs in the fall. Someone, (?) told me a charming story about The Princess Irene Tulip bulb. Part of the story is fact, but the other part I cannot find any history on. Here is the story…
During World War 2, The Dutch Royal family moved to Canada to be safe from Nazi invasion of the Netherlands.
When the war was over. To say Thank you to Canada for protecting their Royal family, The Dutch sent over thousands…one report says 10,000, another says 20,000…tulip bulbs to be planted in the nations capital. Ottawa. The bulbs are still sent over to this day. Which makes the Ottawa tulip festival a worth while trip in the spring.
That is a true story. Here’s the part that may be an embellishment, but it sounds so true and I’ve been telling everyone this story for years thinking that it IS true…
One variety of bulbs they sent over was called Princess Irene after one of the Princesses that came to Canada during the war and the Burgundy “Flame” at the base of the tulip is actually the Canadian Maple Leaf!!! Is it just me or do you see that? It IS the Canadian Maple Leaf. (on all the descriptions of the bulb I have read, it calls it Burgundy Flame and NOT The Canadian Maple leaf)!!! Awwww well. True or not. It’s a nice story and my tulips look beautiful. I’m buying more in the fall.
If you know anything about the extended part to the story, please do tell!

To Faux or not to Faux???

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

A bird in the house...

A bird in the house…

The weather appears to be getting warmer…I hope it’s not a false alarm like the other week.
One week sunshine and Spring, the next we have snow and freezing temperatures. But ey! It’s Canada. We have to expect anything!
From time to time, I mention about using faux branches and flowers for help in short season containers.
Some people like the help of added colour and some people don’t.
In the photos displayed here. We have one container “au naturel”…I do like it this way. I think it’s pretty, but these containers are placed a little way from the street and you can see from the photo with the added branches and flowers that it makes quite a difference. It also helps give the containers a punch of colour, for when the bulb blooms have faded.

Check out the Spring Container gallery to see more Custom Designs.

First day of Spring…not here!

Sunrise n Snow!

Well. It’s supposed to be Spring and I know, this year more than any I remember, people are soooo desperate for some nice warm weather. Well today, here in Ontario, we got some more snow. Just a little though. Nothing to worry about!

Because it’s Spring today, it should be about now that people castaway their outdoor winter decorations and make way for a new colour palette. I’m not sure how many people will have jumped on board with that….certainly not me. My Boxwood Wreath had seen better days about 2 months ago. Now, dried out and very pale looking, they will have to stay put as they are frozen in my planters and won’t be coming out of there any time soon…Honestly. They did look good when I did them!

After Snow storms, snow and wintry weather!

Red Lanterns and Birch

Red Lanterns and Birch

Before the winter onslaught!

Square Boxwood, Red Lanterns Before

Square Boxwood, Red Lanterns

Don’t be so discouraged. The weather will break, the temperatures will raise, the sun will shine and the bulbs will dare to poke their way up through the ground…and then it’s time to get busy…none of this lolling around, watching TV in front of the fire. There are things to be done.

I love the days were I can go out and tear peoples winter planters apart and make up the new creations. Each season is exciting, but I think the turn from winter to Spring is the most exciting. I’m fed up of looking at Red berries, red lanterns, Red mesh…Bring me some Forsythia and spring bulbs!!

Spring Container with Birch, Birds n Bulbs