What the heck!!


Ruby is waiting for the Easter bunny!

Well I don’t know what to tell you…I’m sure I usually make some profound statement at this time of year. Something like, ‘I thought it was spring’ or ‘What weird weather’ or ‘WHAT? it’s Easter and it’s snowing’?!!!

BUT! It isn’t snowing and it hasn’t snowed for quite a while. The weather has been quite plesant. I’ve even been out cutting things down and tidying dead bits of ‘stuff ‘ from the garden. But it’s all so strange! It’s been sunny, we don’t have snow but it’s still freezing. I still have dead evergreens and winter paraphenalia stuck in my outdoor planters. It hasn’t warmed up sufficiently to pull any of the offending things out of the soil.

Hence my side entrance ‘display’… the bicycle with a basket of daffodils strapped to it. Well I had to! We were having a celebration and I didn’t want to still look like winter when it was Spring and it was Easter and it was a mass gathering of friends who don’t come together often enough. So I felt the need to be fresh and colourful instead of half dead and faded out….which is actually how I felt the night before everyone was coming to visit!!🙄


Hydrangeas with primula and spring bulbs

Quick and easy Easter lily arrangement8D7C029E-3EFB-4A02-B810-84C0A1306241

Quick and Easy Easter lily arrangement.

This lily basket was a last minute thing. I had the Lillie’s, I had a basket, I had a feather boa. Plonk the Lillie’s in the basket, throw the boa round the top. Ta da! How long did that take. 1 minute? It works for Easter…think fluffy bunnies, baby lambs…anything fluff and babyish!!!

I managed to brighten myself up for our guests. The food came together as it should. The flowers and plants made everything look festive and ‘happy’ and it was a truly lovely gathering. Can’t beat a load of long time friends getting together to celebrate.


Spring did arrive…


Pink bicycle and blossoms at Amica

…and in true Ontario fashion, it came after a couple of inches of snow. It  just wanted to remind us whose the boss!


Of course it put me into a tail spin as now Spring seemed to have arrived the week before Easter and everyone wanted to get rid of Winter/ Christmas decorations and be all donned up for nicer weather.

I feel as though I have to explain.  Yes, here in Ontario Canada, we sometimes still have our winter decorations out in April, because sometimes the snow is still here and our pots and gardens are still frozen and we can’t get rid of our baubles and berries and any traces of Winter, until it’s all melted. Just so you’re in the picture. Anyway. Enough about winter…for now.


Easter basket

So as well as having to deal with a renovation project that was running over time, dust everywhere and I mean everywhere. I now had Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth and all things Spring to deal with and get the house ready for 13 hungry guests for Easter dinner. I do realize there’s much more pressing and worrying things to think about in the world than a pretty container. But the pretty containers make me feel better about the world and my point is, that when winter is here, I’m leisurely pottering about with all the time in the world and then  BAM! everything just happened in the same week!!

The bicycle? Oh that little beauty.  I have this little roundabout garden at Amica in Newmarket, it’s always a bit of a challenge what to plant in there. Janet, one of my clients, once said to me that bicycles remind her that Spring is here…that gave me an idea! Loved but Outgrown by its previous owner, this “sweet ride” as it stated on the Varagesale post, now has a spot in the Spring garden. The residents LOVE it. They always sound so excited when I get there. Waiting to see what I’m going to plant next and always ready to give me advice! 🙂


One sweet ride!


Dining room balcony-Amica

Easter came and went, I fed my hungry guests and I’m all caught up with Spring planters. Even did my own!!  So now it’s on to gardening. 😊

Spring had Sprung!

[/caption]]Easter Center Pieces Easter Center Pieces

Every thing's coming up...Primula and Lillies and Chickens and...!

Every thing’s coming up…Primula and Lillies and Chickens and…!

Spring window box

Spring window box

So Yes. Spring had arrived…much earlier than last year.
Easter was a little earlier too. I managed to get more orders for my little table top centre pieces. I even did a few large baskets with a Lilly – Hyacinth mix. Very smelly…but in a good way. If you like that sort of thing.

How ever nice the weather looked, it was still pretty chilly so I set up office in my laundry room!! (See 2nd Photo) I love THAT kind of office environment!!!

The weather the week before last was unbelievable. People went crazy…dressing in shorts and little sun dresses. Thats what some people do in Canada. The winter is sooo long, as soon as the sun pops out it’s a full wardrobe change.
I was very lucky and just enjoyed working out doors and getting people spring-a-sized. Filling containers with Daffodils, Tulips, Pansies, Primula. Even a touch of Ivy. I knew. I really did know, that we would have to see a little bit more winter before it went away completely. But the bulbs and Spring flowering plants are tough little souls and would stand up to the wintery blasts…if the blasts didn’t stay around too long.
The secret is the use of faux branches and flowers. I know, I know, some of you don’t want to put “that stuff” in your planters but it helps to keep the containers looking colourful before and after the real bulbs have bloomed. It’s a short season, we have to make the most of it!

For the short seasons…Spring and Fall, I like to add embellishments to the containers. If you’ve seen my blog for Spring, you can see my like for Birdy-ness! Nests, houses, birds. This year is no exception. For the Spring window boxes, (see 3rd photo) I think it’s the perfect embellishment…a shout out to my Mum, who Loves painting these little houses….At least I think she loves it!

Look What I found!

Look what I found
So after just 2 days of the snow melting. Look what I found unfurling from their wintery blanket…

Daffodils unfurling from their wintery blanket!

Daffodils unfurling from their wintery blanket!

Due to the weather not being very nice outside, I have been in the garage making up some practise Containers…and also, because I want to see some Spring colour.
Here I used Pink Tulips…not blooming yet. Yellow Daffodils, Blue hyacinth…smell amazing…if you like that sort of thing!!, Primula, Pansies, Birch branches, Pussy willow…that I chopped off a big fallen down branch (honestly)! And to add extended colour, I use everlasting blossoming branches.
Some people don’t like everlasting…ok. Fake! But. A little secret. The bulbs and flowers won’t be blooming all together and the everlasting give your containers an endless display of colour, before and after the bulbs are flowering. It just gives a helping hand until you are ready to plant up your summer container.
Everything is planted in Potting mix…not the old stuff from last year. But I will reuse the same potting mix in my summer Containers.
If there are spaces in the pot, I would use fresh moss to cover the soil. It makes for a nice finish and helps keep moisture in…although thats not usually a concern in the Spring.

Pansies, Tulips, Daffodils with mixed everlasting branches and a bird house

Pansies, Tulips, Daffodils with mixed everlasting branches and a bird house